The work in the vineyard

Vine Pruning

At the wine estate of the Abbaye of Chinon, pruning is an essential moment, the number of buds is decisive for obtaining a measured and quality harvest.

With global warming and late spring frosts, the estate of the Abbaye team opted for late pruning that also allows a harvesting at a  later date during a period when the heat is less intense.

“Pruning early, pruning late,
nothing beats March pruning”

Old saying taken up by LeRoux de Lincy in 1842 in his book of French proverbs.

The plantation

The red and rose wines of the Abbaye of  Chinon estate are produced from the Cabernet Franc grape variety perfectly adapted to the climate of the region, this being the case since the 11th century.

The white wines of the Abbaye of  Chinon estate are produced from the Chenin grape variety, also called Pinot de La Loire.

The vines of the Abbaye of Chinon are mainly vines aged 50 years or more. This allows the production of balanced wines even in times of drought.

When certain vines disappear, the Abbaye  of  Chinon estate  replaces them by  the ancestral method of  complantation.

Soil work

The Abbaye of  Chinon estate works the soil to avoid the use of weedkillers.

The work is carried out using very precise equipment working only on the surface in order to spare the soil and let life settle there without being disturbed.

Vineyard protection

Obtaining sufficiently ripe grapes requires controlling the phytosanitary cleanliness of the vines as much as possible. The use of innovative techniques such as confusion is essential in order to avoid the use of chemicals.

TheAbbaye of Chinon estate has obtained the High Environmental Value level 3 certification corresponding to the highest level of certification.

Our wines are environmentally friendly.

Wine Yield

The  Abbaye of Chinon estate aims to control yields in order to avoid excessive production, which is synonymous with mediocre quality.

If this is the case, the wine estate will  use the innovative method of thinning out the vines if necessary.

Maturity and Harvest

The Domaine de l’Abbaye de Chinon takes particular care in harvesting the grapes when they are ripe.

You can’t make a good wine
if you don’t have good grapes

The team armed with patience, scans sky and lets the first rains of September fall, the vines have to be given time to ripen their grapes.

“Patience et longueur de temps font plus que force ni que rage”

Citation de La Fontaine, “le Lion et Le Rat”

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